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S1 Episode 28 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Usman Hamid, VP of Engineering and Enterprise Architecture at GSK


This week my special guest on the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast is Usman Hamid, who is the VP of Engineering and Enterprise Architecture at GSK.  He has also held other senior technology roles at the BBC, Barclays, Redfern and QVC.

Usman is a senior technology executive with hands on experience of leading large scale and complex technology transformations.  He is passionate about end user experiences, using technology as an enabler, and is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Usman has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Manchester Metropolitan University and an MBA from the Alliance Manchester Business School.

Usman shares his fascinating journey from a career in music to becoming a UK technology leader.  We also discuss the challenges of joining an organisation in a leadership position, whilst in the midst of a global pandemic and also the transition from operational to strategic IT.

An insightful and inspiring podcast from start to end.