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S1 Episode 10 - Inspiring Tech Leaders - The Headhunter's Spotlight with Caroline Sands


I'm pleased to introduce a new segment to the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast this week called 'The Headhunter's Spotlight'.

In the podcast this week I'm talking with Caroline Sands, who is a Partner and the Head of the CIO & Technology Practice at Odgers Berndtson.

We explore the approaches aspiring Technology Leaders should take to secure their first CxO role, how to develop a Non-Executive Director career and how to maintain your profile while you transition between roles.

Caroline provides invaluable insight from the perspective of a successful Executive Search Practitioner and offers practical guidance for those developing their career ascent.

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S1 Episode 9 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Craig Walker, Strategic Advisor in the Office of the CEO at Salesforce


I'm delighted to be talking with Craig Walker in this episode of the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast.

Craig is a Strategic Advisor in the Office of the CEO at Salesforce, having joined from Shell where he had 32 years of Oil & Gas experience with key assignments in both the Upstream and Downstream businesses.

Craig provides invaluable career insight about his journey towards becoming a Shell Downstream VP and Global CIO, as well as his experiences working within consultancy at KPMG.

In this podcast we discuss how Salesforce are helping to accelerate business growth by providing a seamless service experience using cloud technology to share data across an entire ecosystem and helping businesses to become data driven organisations.

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S1 Episode 8 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with David Neitz, CIO at CDM Smith


In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm talking with David Neitz, who is the CIO at CDM Smith.

David talks about his career path to becoming a leading Chief Information Officer and the invaluable mentoring that he received during his own career ascent.

Listen to how David helps to create value through innovation, while also balancing appropriate risk tolerance.

We discuss the impact of digital security within Operational Technology and edge computing, while ensuring there is a structured discipline required to meet the modern IT Security standards.

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S1 Episode 7 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Graeme Hackland, CIO at Williams F1 Team


I'm absolutely delighted to be talking with Graeme Hackland this week about his exciting career journey to becoming the Chief Information Officer for the formidable Williams F1 Racing Team!

Graeme talks about his 24 years in the IT Industry and the rapid pace of change of technology within Formula One Racing.

Hear how Graeme helps to create the headroom for his team to innovate with new technology and ensuring people stay motivated, engaged and creative.

We discuss how the Formula One innovations are being applied across a variety of sectors and the positive impact these technologies have within communities.

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S1 Episode 6 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with David Wilde, Founder of DWilde Consulting and ex UK Government CIO


In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm talking with David Wilde about his experiences in both central and local Government.

David talks about his journey to his first CIO role for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and then his experiences in senior roles for large local authorities.

David also shares his knowledge and expertise about the NHS and Education sectors and how his influence has helped to improve productivity and efficiency with the merger of a number of Trusts.

Hear more about how emerging technologies, such as IoT, are being used to improve the social value within our communities and the importance of Enterprise Architecture and Security.

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