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S1 Episode 27 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Andrew Quail, Director of IT and Innovation at SGN

Andrew Quail

This week my special guest on the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast is Andrew Quail, Director of IT and Innovation at SGN.

Andrew is a well-established and accomplished CIO, who has previously been ranked number one in the UK CIO 100 and has been in the top 5 for the last 3 years.

During the podcast Andrew and I discuss the ever changing role of the CIO and the skills that technology leaders need to thrive and continue to evolve.

Andrew talks about the need to create a safe space for digital innovation and the importance to challenge the organisational structure that supports technology.

We also talk about sustainability and the de-carbonisation of the UK's energy systems and how technology is helping to support these initiatives.

A fascinating and insightful podcast from one of the UK's top technology leaders.