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S1 Episode 26 - Inspiring Tech Leaders - Exploring Cyber Security Services with Rowan Troy, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Littlefish


This week on the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast we are exploring the world of Cyber Security.

I'm delighted to welcome Rowan Troy to the podcast, who is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant with Littlefish, provider of Managed IT Services and Consultancy. Littlefish has also very kindly sponsored this particular episode of the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast.

In this episode Rowan and I discuss the Critical Hour Framework, as a tailored Cyber response playbook to IT security incidents. We also talk about the importance of both human and machine intervention and interpretation of risks, with end-to-end responsibility for mitigating Cyber threats.

Learn more about how Littlefish are able to offer a 'Virtual CISO' service to customers that might not require or be able to afford a full-time Chief Information Security Officer and the unique service offering that has been developed to add value for clients.

The podcast is packed full of useful hints and tips from Rowan on how organisations should approach Cyber Education awareness and IT Security compliance.