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S1 Episode 20 - Inspiring Tech Leaders - Product Review of Legacy Box with Roger Baskerville

Legacy Box

This week I'm pleased to introduce a new Product Review segment to the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast.

In this segment I will present new innovative technologies, helping CxOs to stay informed and updated on the latest Tech Industry trends and the technologies that can support their organisations.

I'm delighted to welcome Roger Baskerville to the podcast, who is a Director at Legacy Box and sponsor for this particular episode of the Inspiring Tech Leaders.

Roger has a distinguished Technology career with over 25 years of experience and has previously worked for the likes of Microsoft, Citrix and Compaq.

In this episode Roger and I discuss how Legacy Box is enabling the rapid migration of Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 16-bit and 32-applications to reside within compliant, secure and modern Windows 10 operating systems.