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S1 Episode 14 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Sue Parker, Founder of Empowered Leaders in Tech

Sue Parker

This week on the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm joined by Sue Parker, the Founder of Empowered Leaders in Tech.

Sue talks about her journey into Technology and her passion for helping ambitious professionals to become empowered leaders.

Hear how Sue has created a platform for personal and professional development to enable people to feel motivated and fulfilled in their roles. Sue describes how she was able to overcome the imposter syndrome as a developer and find her path forward as a successful coach and mentor.

We discuss how to create a structure as a path to successfully achieving your goals and long term objectives. Sue provides guidance on how to develop personal branding and moving up the organisational value chain.

If you would like to hear more about Empowered Leaders in Tech please visit or connect directly with Sue via her LinkedIn profile -